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Charming Men EDP 100ml

Charming Men EDP 100ml
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Charming Men EDP 100ml
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Charming Men Edp 100 Ml Men's Perfume

Not only women need to be charming and magical, that's why we wanted to make this sophisticated perfume a special treat for men with its strong lemon scent and fragrance and design consisting of the subtleties of Ananya flower.

Notes of Charming Men:

Top Note (The smell that appears when you first squeeze it) : Mandarin - Lemon - Bergamot - Peach - Orange

 Heart Note (The smell heard after the sharp top notes): Jasmine - Patchouli - Sage - Whitewood

 The Bottom Note (the part where you will see the real personality of the perfume) : Musk - Tonka bean - Irises - Vanilla.

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