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Bouquet Pink Hair Mist 200 ml Unisex

Bouquet Pink Hair Mist 200 ml Unisex
Bouquet Pink Hair Mist 200 ml Unisex
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Bouquet Pink Hair Mist

Upon the preference and request of our customers, this product was produced with the same scent as the Bouquet Pink perfume.

Ingredients: Argan oil, Hair nutrients

Top note (The smell that emerges when you first squeeze): Mandarin.

Heart note (Smell after sharp top notes): Valerian.

Base note (the part where you will see the real personality of the perfume): Vanilla, chocolate, caramel.

Hair and beauty experts recommend the necessity of using hair care products.

This product is produced for the purpose of both caring for the hair and providing a nice scent, thanks to its argan oil-based content, it nourishes the hair, provides a smooth texture and shine to the hair, and also acts as a perfume.

This product is produced according to the international specifications of hair perfumes.

This product does not harm the hair, hair follicles and scalp.

It has no side effects.

Hair type: Suitable for all hair types.

Product advantage: It is suitable for daily use.

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