Description of Attraction: Naughty Women

Naughty Women, starting with the attractive top note of white musk, continues with impressive heart notes enriched with rose, jasmine and violet. Finally, it deepens with warm and enchanting base notes of brass, sandalwood, white musk and amber. This perfume attracts you with its balanced and carefully selected notes and offers a lasting effect all day long.


Naughty Women stands out with its high spread rate and long-term durability. Even once sprayed, this enchanting scent continues to impress everyone around you. Whether at a special occasion or for daily use, this perfume will always make you feel attractive and confident.

Naughty Women attracts you with its perfectly balanced notes, offering self-confidence and charm at every moment of the day. This perfume leaves a mysterious and seductive mark, making the women who use it unforgettable.


Naughty Women ensures you leave an unforgettable mark. It is a perfect option for special occasions or daily use when you want to feel special or to fascinate those around you. Enjoy feeling strong, attractive and seductive by trying this unique perfume.