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About Us

RoseMary Paris, founded in 2006, is a French artistic perfumery house specialized in capturing the essence of beauty and passion from the era of the French monarchy. It creates enchanting and luxurious yet contemporary and elegant fragrances that captivate the soul.

Throughout the years of brand development and success, RoseMary has been well-received by customers who appreciate its unique and enduring scents, establishing a strong and loyal customer base. This significant achievement has empowered the brand to continue its growth with an alliance formed with its customers, expanding internationally as a leading French perfume manufacturer and developer, providing expertise and knowledge worldwide and contributing to the production of state-of-the-art, high-quality products.

RoseMary continues to thrive as a premier French perfumery house, offering a wide range of products with distinct packaging, extraordinary perfumes, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision: RoseMary Paris is a brand that blends the history of the Middle Ages with luxury, modernity, and dynamism, committed to presenting a wide array of products with an artistic image to suit every taste of its valued customers. Each collection of RoseMary Paris perfumes carries a unique and special story, with scents that resonate with everyone's enjoyment while carrying traces of history.

Our Mission: RoseMary Paris is not just a brand specializing in providing the best in cosmetics and perfumery but is much more. Alongside delivering the finest in cosmetics and perfumery to the world, it stands as a vibrant representation of an ancient global heritage that thrived during the Renaissance era in France, expressing creativity at its finest.

Our Goals: Since its establishment, RoseMary Paris has aimed to reach the entire world and compete with the most prestigious brands on international platforms. Beyond competition, it also seeks to differentiate itself in the industry by producing unique perfumes and a diverse range of cosmetic products. The combination of elegance, high quality, and competitive pricing propels RoseMary Paris confidently towards achieving its objectives.